Monday, March 15, 2010

Borrowing a Recipe but it couldn't be easier.

This is a recipe that I wish I could claim as my own. It couldn't be simpler, faster and easier. Taken from a blog from another CrossFitter in Texas, she had this awesome recipe that will help you get more veggies in your life.

Spinach Muffine

* 3 16-oz. bags frozen spinach, defrosted
* 4 egg whites
* optional seasonings: salt, pepper, Penzeys Italian herb seasoning, Penzeys Greek seasoning, lemon juice (If you don't have Italian or Greek herb blends, you can replicate the flavors by using oregano, thyme, marjoram, basil... don't be afraid if you think you don't know how to cook. You really can't screw up with herbs -- just add them a little at a time until it tastes the way you want it. Start with about 1/2 teaspoon dried...sprinkle and mix 'til it tastes right. )

* Preheat oven to 350

* THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT: Squeeze excess water from the defrosted spinach. Here's a trick: Cut a corner off the bag, and squeeze the spinach inside the bag, letting the water drain out the hole. Much easier than dumping the green stuff out and squeezing.

* Put the spinach in a bowl and add seasonings, to taste. Apparently a good one is pepper and Penzeys Greek seasoning.

*Add egg whites and mix until everything is completely blended.

* Spray or wipe a muffin pan with Olive Oil and scoop the spinach mixture into the cups. You can fill them all the way to the top and packed it in pretty tight. They puff a little when they bake, then deflate when they cool.

* Cook for 15-25 Minutes

If you guys do not know what Penzys Spices is, it is a spice shop that has shops all over the country and I believe the closest one is on Mass Ave in Arlington. They have thousands of different spices. If you thought that there was only one kind of Curry...they are going to blow your mind. Cinnamon...your in for a treat. I would definitely take a ride and get some spices to try.

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