Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Purple Polka Dot Tuna Salad

I bet a lot of people said the same thing when they started eating Paleo..."There goes mayo...(we covered that base), and that means no more easy tuna salad." Well we are here to tell you that Paleo tuna salad is possible...and it is SO FREAKIN GOOD! Lets get into it right now...

Hooking the right tuna:
Not all cans of tuna are created equal. At a major supermarket chain that we went to, we saw that there were at least 4 different kinds of canned tuna. Chunk tuna, light tuna, tuna in water, tuna in oil, No salt added tuna....and there were ones that had flavors already added. Hickory tuna, lemon pepper tuna, southwest tuna. How many of those could a cave man get? Well he couldn't get any tuna in a can but he could get tuna, from water. So the tuna in a can with water and no added salt is the can to choose for your tuna salad.

What else to get at the supermarket:
Peeled sunflower seeds

On to the recipe:

2 Cans of Tuna
1 handful of grapes
1 handful of chopped celery
1 handful of diced onion
2-3 tablespoons of Paleo Mayo (look at the recipe on this blog)

- Drain cans of tuna and add tuna to a large mixing bowl
- Wash then cut grapes in half and add to tuna
- 1 stalk of celery: wash celery, cut down the middle lengthwise into 3 strips. Chopping the strips into small squares...add to tuna (I think your getting the picture)
- 1 medium onion - dice 1/4 of the onion...everybody say it with me loud and proud: ADD TO TUNA!!
- Fold in the mayonnaise

Voila! You have Paleo Tuna Salad. To make a larger batch (which is great because you can just eat this when your hungry. It has protein, carbs and fat...balanced meal) just double the recipe. If the tuna is a little too dry add a bit more mayonnaise to smooth it out.

You can eat this as is (I recommend this because its so good), you could put it on a bed of lettuce for salad on a salad or to really get spicy make tuna salad wraps using iceberg or bib lettuce (otherwise known as Boston Lettuce).

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